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A Little More
About Sage
Born in Chicago, Sage grew up in Tijuana after her dad opened a maquiladora there.  Following seven years of homeschooling, she attended high school in San Diego County.    
After spending some time coaching sailing, she earned her undergraduate degree in history in Hawai`i.  Then, quite unprepared for the snow, she headed east for law school, and earned her J.D. magna cum laude in the Midwest.  
For more than eight years, she served the Federal Public Defender's Office.  When she left the government to start her own practice and research-and-writing firm, she moved to the Gulf Coast.
She has rock climbed, shot archery, sailed, and danced competitively.  In her efforts to catch that horizon, she has lived on small sailboats and in RVs, participated in a medical-supply mission to Cuba, and led yoga retreats in Central America.  
Follow Sage's adventures by land (RV) and sea (Caliber 40 LRC sailboat she lives on) at the Books, Boats, and Boondoggles Blog on Read Local (R).
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